Come Change the World With Me

I’m hiring! I have an opening for a Prospect Research Manager at the Greater Twin Cities United Way (GTCUW). It’s exciting, and a little terrifying, but mostly exciting. Sure, it’s an opportunity for me to invigorate my department and team with new ideas and fresh thinking, but more than that I would say it’s a great chance for someone to come in and change the world with me.

I’m not exaggerating.  Keep reading.

First, I should say what’s great about working at GTCUW. For one thing, the organization is firmly dedicated to its mission of creating pathways out of poverty. In addition to this, we have a strong equity focus and put a lot of emphasis on diversity and inclusion. This translates to how we hire. We work to hire people who come from varying backgrounds and bring perspectives and ways of thinking that are different from the majority. Not only is that inherent in how we hire, but we work very hard to maintain an office culture where different perspectives are embraced and valued.

Then there’s the all the stuff that makes this particular job really cool. Most prominent is the fact that we’re building our Prospect Development department to support a changing organization. We’re creating new ways of identifying prospects. We’re shifting how we strategically inform fundraising decisions and work. We’re becoming more data driven and are diving into new and interesting ways of analyzing data.

What I really need right now is someone who can help create and bring to life a vision of a world-class Prospect Development program. Someone who can take great prospect research practices, and fit them into this weird, weird United Way model. Someone who can help identify unique fundraising intelligence opportunities, and capitalize on them.

All of that is really, really cool, and it should be plenty to motivate anyone to want to come and take on this challenge. But for me, the biggest reason this job opening is so exciting is that it’s a chance to change the world. A bold statement, to be sure, but here’s how I figure it: the Greater Twin Cities United Way is one of the largest, most influential community-based nonprofits in the Twin Cities. No other organization has as much potential to make a positive impact in the community, affecting the lives of millions of people. By super-charging our Prospect Development program, we can help drive unprecedented fundraising success, which will fuel positive impact and change the community.

And the Greater Twin Cities United Way is one of the leading organizations in the United Way system, which is worldwide. If we model excellent Prospect Development and fundraising intelligence work, it will create a positive ripple effect throughout the entire United Way network, benefiting communities across the globe, and literally changing the world for the better.

I mean, come on, how cool is that?

So come change the world with me. What are you waiting for?
Apply here:

9381277278_5544b18866_oImage by Zac Chase



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