About: What This Blog Is (and what it is not)

This is not a blog.

Well, not in the write-a-thoughtful-and-insightful-post-every-couple-of-days sort of way.

This is really just a place where I can expound on various ideas related to management, prospect research, and the intersection of the two. (I also really enjoy datamining, predictive modeling, data visualization, and productivity in general — all of which are likely to be of interest to someone managing a prospect research shop — and posts on those topics creep in here from time to time.)

I don’t post here regularly, and what I do post is inconsistent as far as content and depth are concerned. In fact, I don’t always stick to writing about management and prospect research. I am not a blogger, and I wouldn’t even say that I write all that well!

That said…  Enjoy!

Mark Egge

P.S. I should mention that while I sometimes refer to my employer, and much of what I write is informed by my work there, all writings here are my own thoughts and opinions. This blog, and all of its contents, neither represents the views of my employer, nor is it endorsed in any way by them.


One response to “About: What This Blog Is (and what it is not)

  1. Thanks for such a great resource. I appreciate your insights!

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